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Sanya Luhuitou Hill Park Date:2011-10-02 Editor:Viva

The name Luohuitou which means the deer turning its head back is derived from a moving love story. Long time ago, on the island of Hainan, a hunter was tracking a deer. The hunter tracked the deer for two days. Finally, the deer came to the end of a peninsula, high over the water. It was trapped. There was no where for the deer to go. As the hunter approached, he saw the deer turn and look over its shoulder at him. Just then the deer turned into a beautiful, young woman. The man married her, they lived happily ever after. Their children became the Li, a minority ethnic group. It is one of the best attractions for your Hainan island tour and Sanya tour.This page is designed by hainantour dot net,if you find it in another site,please feel free to come back to the site.

 Luhuitou Peninsula is located in the north of Sanya about 5KM away from the urban city, perched on the edge of the South China Sea. The park features a 12-meter tall statue. The name for this popular spot translates as 'a deer turning its head', due to the legend that accompanies the district. In the legend, a brave Li hunter tracked a deer to the cliff's edge, whereupon the deer turned its head and then turned into a beautiful girl who became the hunter's bride. Standing on the top of the hill could overlook the whole Sanya city, and also at the foot of the hill, there are many accommodation, shopping and dining facilities. On the top of the cliff is a large statue commemorating the legend. But the real reason to go to the top is the spectacular view. All of Sanya City is spread out below, nestled between the mountains and the ocean. You can watch the tiny fishing boats going in and out.   

 At present, a charming park has been built on the top of the Luhuitou and a huge sculpture 9 meters long, 4.9 meters wide and 12 meters high was set there based on the moving legend. The city is also nicknamed "Deer City".

The panoramic view of the vast sea, the rolling mountains of Sanya city gained from the top of the hill is fantastic . Inside Luhuitou Park, there are winding paths, Halley's comet observation station built on the mountain, white wave-hearing pavilion, red Guanghai kiosk, the lover's island, and other scenic spots like the Monkey Mountain, Deer House, Hut of Li People, Turtle's Heaven and the Immortal Pond. What's more exciting is that you can taste the red coconut-the treasure of Hainan coconuts.

The Luhuitou Bay is on the foot of the Luhuitou Mountain. There, you can enjoy and view school of colorful parrotfish, ill-looking sea cucumber, fish worm, sea sycas, sea fan, coral tree, sea flower, soft coral, sea oyster, jelly fish, sea nettle and so on. Luhuitou park on hill is one best choice for your Hainan island tour and Sanya tour.

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